El Toro Carpet & Tile Cleaners specializes in cleaning hard surfaces throughout your home or office.

Floors, counter-tops and showers can all benefit from regular maintenance and sealing.

We start by examining the areas that require cleaning to determine if they consist of man-made or natural materials. Depending on whether the tiles are stone, ceramic or porcelain we select an appropriate cleaning method and sealer.

In the case of many cleaning services we also find portions of the installation that may require some form of repairs. When necessary we can replace crumbling grout, moldy caulking and cracked or damaged tiles.

Our process employs concentrated cleaning fluids that liquefy and dislodge years of ground-in soil. Contaminants such as cooking oil, asphalt, food particles, animal hair and common everyday dirt are broken down and made ready for extraction.

Manual and mechanical agitation of the grout lines and tiles is followed by a high pressure rinse cycle. We use an enclosed pressure washer with vacuum recovery to flush out the soil and rinse away any leftover cleaning fluid. The second to last step in our process is to dry the floor, counter-top or shower. The final step is to apply sealer. For porous stone such as marble, travertine and limestone the sealer covers the entire surface.  Ceramic and porcelain only require that the grout lines be sealed.

In the case of granite we neutralize hard water deposits while lifting and removing impurities from the surface. Additionally, we buff and polish the stone to restore a deep, clear shine. A specialized sealer is required for granite because the pores are so dense.

For maintenance, after the cleaning process, we recommend a ph-balanced daily stone cleaner that limits the amount of residue left on surfaces. One of the top brands (Stone-Pro) includes 1% sealer to reinforce the protection.


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Tile and Grout Cleaning